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We carry delightful handcrafted local chocolates from the Chocolate Therapist, a perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Peek at the tasty options below!

Chocolate Bars:
     Traditional Decadence Milk Chocolate
     Double Shot (Dark Chocolate with ground espresso)
     Down by the Sea Salt (Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt & Almonds)
     Going to the Dark side (Milk and Dark Chocolate Swirl)


Chocolates (4 pack):


         Black Cherry (dark)

         Cappuccino (milk)

         Irish Cream (dark)


         Mint (dark or milk)                                      

         Orange (dark or milk)                                   

         Peanut Butter (dark or milk)

         Raspberry (dark)                                    

         Sangria (dark)       


Fruit & Nuts (8 oz bag):

     Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

     Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

     Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Almonds

     Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Caramels (6 pack):

     Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

     Milk Chocolate Sea Salt


Bark (6 oz bag):

     Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt

     Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee Bark


Hot Chocolate (8 oz bag):

     Colorado Hot Cocoa (Milk Chocolate)

     Black Magic (Dark Chocolate)

     Coco En Fuego (Dark Chocolate, Chili & Cinnamon)


Toffee (2 pieces):

     Milk Chocolate

     Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt

     Dark Chocolate

     Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt


Bundt Cakes

We have partnered with the Bundt Shoppe to add yet another tasty option to spice up your floral delivery. Tons of flavors to choose from and we can add a beautiful flower ring to make a bundt cake the perfect present! List of flavors below: 

24 Carrot

Cookies & Cream

Pumpkin Spice

Lemon Squeeze

Lemon Blueberry

Double Chocolate

Vanilla Bean

Key Lime

2" Bitty Bundts

half dozen or dozen

2 in.jpeg

Hiz & Herz (peanut butter & chocolate)

Salted Caramel (blonde or Brunette)

German Chocolate

Banana Chocolate Chip

Red Velvet


Raspberry Truffle

3" Bundtie

serves 1-2

3 in.jpeg

8" Bundt

serves 8-10

8 in.jpg
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